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The latest Intelligence Report from Symantec shows that spam in email showed the decrease 3.7%. It’s now 70.5% of all the email sent.

Does this mean spam is dying? I’d say “no”. Although the figure shows that spam emails are decreasing, it’s still 1 in every 1.42 emails, according to Symantec.

Another factor that leads to decrease in spam email is the rise of social networking. More and more people communicate via social media services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. Posts in these social media could reach more people in less time. We want to do more with less, so do spammers. Now spammers lay their eyes on popular social networking sites. As you can see from the attack Facebook got last month. You can expect more and more to come in 2012.

There are bots crawling all over Twitter network looking for anyone who tweet some keywords (e.g. iPad, Apple, Steve Jobs). See what I got from tweeting the keywords.




Who is this @darrenzhgdj guy anyway? Why did he (or she) send me a link says Dell XPS giveaway when all in my tweet are Apple products and social network services?


Lately, I notice that spammers are moving to the new social networking service, Google+. In the sample on the left, the message offer a work on Internet which you can get 2,000-3000 baht a week. That’s about $400 a month.

Looking at their profile page on Google+, they look like a real person. They put in given names and last names. They even have a real person avatar, generally cute girls (which I don’t think it’s really a photo of themselves).


Another place that we can see spam is blog. Blogger communities are getting bigger and bigger. Everyone’s blog is now a media that spammers can make use of. I got 2-3 spam comments a day on my old blog.




All the spams I mentioned above are very easy to detect. In fact, you can tell it’s a spam just by having a quick look at it. Especially, if you and your friends are not using English in your posts. You can say there is 99% chance that the English post sent to you is a spam.

Bad news? Spams are getting evolved. The messages are now well-crafted so that it will look like a normal post from someone. But don’t worry. Generally, you can assume that any messages from someone you don’t know are spam. You can just ignore them and report them as spammers.

However, there are cases that you just can’t assume that messages from unknown persons are spam. For example, you are a person who is responsible for computer’s Twitter account and receive a message from Mr. X saying that he saw someone post a blog saying bad thing about your company. How can you tell that this is not a spam and the link is clean to click?

imageThis is the real case that happened a couple of months ago. The spam spreaded on Twitter and many people fell for it.

For Twitter users, I recommend you to follow @spam, the Twitter’s official spam watch account. You will learn the news when ever there is a spam spreading over Twitter network.

Here is the list of websites I recommend you to visit from time to time to get news about security.

Another way is to make use of the power of search enginer such as Google. Take a look at the example below.




Above comments look just like posts from someone who are really appreciate your blog, right? However, if you gogole the comment from escort bayan ankara, you call see a lot of similar comments in many websites and blogs.




If you this many comments with similar content, you can conclude that it’s a spam. This can apply to any spams on social networking sites, too. For example, I want to know if the direct message I got from my friend saying “I saw a real bad blog about you” is a spam, I will just google for the message and I will find people who are talking about this. Yes, it’s a spam, indeed.




As I said ealier, spam never dies. It just gets evolved. The message will be a lot more difficult to detect. It will move from one media to another. It’s more like catch-me-if-you-can game. You learn a new way to detect spam, spammers learn new way to go below the radar. It’s a never-ending fight.


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